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My heart took a sip of earl grey tea

24 Oct

I got the keys today i am beyond happy. I have a lovely neighbour , Tryn who is at “hello again” in the same building as me… Basically I am pretty exited. I would also like to take this opportunity to invite anyone looking for work as my personal tea maker(you will get paid in thank you post its) i am  also looking for super amazing quirky baristas and anyone else working in the food/restaurant business(you will get paid in money and maybe thank you post its, if you are really good) seriously though  send your cv’s to, tell your friends.


Look what i found

23 Oct

While putting together a little mood board for a designer/draughtsman, that I will be meeting with on Thursday,  I stumbled across this pictured taken by my friend Nicholas Christowitz who helped me find the space for my restaurant and kick started the whole process. This was one of the first meetings with Adam Levy discussing the  proposal for my  future restaurant.

A little something…

22 Oct


Here is a sneak peak into the look and feel of my restaurant. I asked my good friends at Says Who( to help me come up with a rad corporate identity, hope you love it as much as  I do.  Keep a look out for more exiting updates.


15 Oct

Good evening young men woman and all future friends. Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Daleah I am a 25 year old creative nut job with a passion for good food this may be due to the fact that that I am Greek and pretty much everything in our lives is centered around food.  The reason for the creation of this blog is to document my life long dream of opening an eatery of some sorts this dream came true when I found the perfect space in Braamfontein, more specifically a beautiful quirky little green building on 6 De Beer street. Today I signed the lease I have never been more exited. I will keep updating you on the progress of my restaurant uploading photos as it grows, watch this space, peace and love – Daleah Arvanitis

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