Stranger danger

23 Jan

Hi friends happiness for this new year. It has been a long while since my last blog post, a lot has been going on with my restaurant (lots of construction) i will be uploading pics next week of the progress… as well as a glimpse into my menu so keep an eye out.

To wet your appetite, here are pics of the coasters that we received today Picture 13


my kitchen is your kitchen is our kitchen

25 Nov

Hi everyone here is a sneak peek at the kitchen design… we have started putting the layout together in 3D so that the end product works on every level as well as making sure that the eatery looks just the way i envisioned it , i am hoping to show these to the appropriate people for approval next week so we can start building and decorating. I am very lucky to be working with two great guys Stephen J Serva Dei and Damir Radonic so that all these things will be completed by next year.

Coming soon!!

13 Nov

flyer designed by my friends at says who… love it. Keep a look out for these flyers.

Layout plans

13 Nov

As promised here is a preview of the layout we came up with, things are moving along nicely. watch this space for loads more updates!

The day the layout was decided

5 Nov

This Saturday the layout of the restaurant was decided, I am very happy with what we came up with . I will post a picture of the layout plans as soon as they have been drawn up.

Toasted marshmallow afternoons

5 Nov

Welcome to my neighbourhood, every Saturday it hosts the amazing neighbourgoods market with the most amazing food and drinks. If you have not managed to get there you need to go (soooo worth it) … did i mention that they have a marshmallow stand, they toast these magical tasting treats in front of you ❤

My heart took a sip of earl grey tea

24 Oct

I got the keys today i am beyond happy. I have a lovely neighbour , Tryn who is at “hello again” in the same building as me… Basically I am pretty exited. I would also like to take this opportunity to invite anyone looking for work as my personal tea maker(you will get paid in thank you post its) i am  also looking for super amazing quirky baristas and anyone else working in the food/restaurant business(you will get paid in money and maybe thank you post its, if you are really good) seriously though  send your cv’s to, tell your friends.

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